Electronic Security/Wireless Monitoring Systems

Wireless Monitoring SystemVPS offers a wide range of wireless, motion-activated monitoring systems for the monitoring of vacant properties. As these monitoring systems do not require the use of electricity, they are easily installed in vacant and abandoned properties to monitor unwarranted entry, crime and the presence of squatters. Through the use of wireless technology, our monitoring systems can be programmed to notify the client when a motion is recognized.


Quatro SmartAlarm Gold

This alarm is a stand-alone unit with a long-life battery and includes on-board tamper detection. The alarm unit provides instant detection of both intrusion and flooding. It can be installed with a wide range of advanced wireless sensors, including our new wireless camera which offers full video verification of all activations, and can be fitted both internally and externally at each property. Additional features include a wide range of pressure mats, door sensors, remote keypads and other sensors, providing one of the most advanced security solutions for vacant and abandoned properties on the market.