Inspections - Commercial & Residential

Inspection ServicesA trusted leader in property preservation, VPS proudly offers a comprehensive property solution. Utilizing a substantial nationwide vendor network, with concentrations in key metro areas, we ensure our clients' residential and commercial properties are always safe, maintained, secure and protected.

Occupancy Inspections

The primary purpose of this inspection is to determine if a property is currently occupied. The full names, contact phone numbers, rental information (if applicable), real estate agent or property manager information and the number of units will be provided, if it can be determined at the time of inspection. The property condition and any existing or potential conditions that could impact the value of the property will also be provided.

Property Condition Inspections

This inspection includes a direct visual observation of the property to determine the overall condition and occupancy status of the property. We will determine if there are any existing or potential conditions that could impact the value of the property. Property condition inspections can be completed on either a contact or no-contact basis.

Disaster Inspections

This inspection will determine the condition of the property and will document damages, if applicable, that are observed due to the disaster. Disaster inspections can be completed within regular inspection time frames or on a rush basis, depending on the accessibility of the impacted area.

Insurance Inspections

This inspection is used as part of the underwriting process for new homeowner's insurance policies or as a recertification when policies renew. The inspection provides a summary of the property condition, notates any health or safety concerns and documents any other conditions that could impact the issuance of a new insurance policy.

Origination Inspections

This inspection provides a summary of the occupancy and property condition of each property and is used prior to the funding of an origination, refinance or home equity transaction.

Construction Draw Inspections

Determines damage to a property, repair work progress, and estimates percentage of completion and repairs.

Due Diligence Inspections

This inspection is completed during the due diligence phase of portfolio acquisitions for the purpose of reviewing specific loan portfolios. Each inspection documents the occupancy and property condition of each property and notates high risk issues such as hazardous materials, damages and violations. Exception-based reporting is available as part of the due diligence process that highlights discrepancies within each portfolio.

Tenant Inspections

Auto inspections