Maintenance Services - Commercial & Residential

Maintenance ServicesA trusted leader in property preservation, VPS proudly offers a comprehensive property solution. Utilizing a substantial nationwide vendor network, with concentrations in key metro areas, we ensure our clients' residential and commercial properties are always safe, maintained, secure and protected.

Lawn Maintenance

Services offered include mowing, trimming of shrubs and trees and edging.

Property Securing

Services typically include changing an entry lock and locking all windows and doors.


This service is provided annually on properties in areas with extreme cold, including properties in areas where pipes are subject to freezing.

Lock Changes

Changing the lock(s) at each property to the key code according to the regulatory requirements.

Conveyance Condition Management

Ensuring that all work required on property is complete and that the property is in conveyance condition.

Debris Removal

Exterior and interior debris removal.

HOA & Utility Services

Services include reviewing and negotiating bills on behalf of our clients, our close relationships with utility providers and our centralized database that allows for real time tracking and reporting.

REO Property Management

Providing the necessary REO property preservation and inspection services to help mitigate the risk of holding properties and reduce holding timelines.

Property Registration Services

MCS processes registrations ensuring all mandatory forms are provided to the proper municipal contact. In addition, we monitor timeframes and renew registrations as needed and will de-register the property upon notification of our client's disposition of that property.