Anti-Theft Container from VPS Protects AC Units

New A/C Fortress III in super-strong steel prevents tampering

CHICAGO, Jan 06, 2014 -

CHICAGO – Vacant Property Security (VPS), a trusted leader in securing both residential and commercial properties, is continuing the expansion of the company's security offerings by announcing their newest product, A/C Fortress III.

The A/C Fortress III provides the ultimate level of security by encasing air-conditioning units with virtually impenetrable 14-gauge steel. As a deterrent to the theft of air-conditioning units and copper, the A/C Fortress III protects central units at vacant and occupied properties.

The innovative design, unique to VPS, minimizes tampering by using proprietary brackets that have no pry points. This anchoring system provides more than 2,000 pounds of resistance at three separate points. In addition, the product's unique design allows airflow to and from the unit, providing security for the units even while they are operating.

"With copper theft at an all-time high, more people are experiencing air conditioner theft and vandalism at both vacant and occupied properties," said VPS Senior Vice President Chad Mosley. "The A/C Fortress III allows us to provide our clients peace of mind that the air conditioners on their properties are safe and secure thanks to this heavy-duty steel physical deterrent. It’s also a visual deterrent to help prevent crime."

The A/C Fortress III is available for purchase as a kit that can be installed on-site. VPS also provides installation and removal services as part of a monthly rental program, providing property owners, property managers and builders with extensive flexibility.

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VPS is a trusted leader in securing, maintaining and managing vacant properties across a wide range of residential and commercial sectors. Since 1993, VPS' innovative suite of steel security products and wireless alarms has allowed customers to protect and preserve their properties against unauthorized access, while maintaining their property's value.

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