Vacant Property Security (VPS) COO, Chad Mosley, Interviewed About Steel Security Products

Chad Mosley is interviewed for the Waterbury Republican American.

WATERBURY, Connecticut, Sep 04, 2017 - VPS Steel Security

Vacant Property Security (VPS) COO, Chad Mosley, is interviewed on the benefits of using steel vs. plywood in an article for the Waterbury Republican American.

The article discusses the benefits of utilizing 14-gauge steel coverings for doors and windows for deterring potential crime and theft.

“Whenever you throw plywood up on a vacant property, regardless of the community it’s in, plywood puts a big red X on that property,” Chad wrote for the article. “It immediately becomes a beacon for squatters, drug users and thieves who break in to steal appliances or copper wiring because plywood makes it very apparent that no one is home and no one will be for a long time.”

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